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The Guild Counsel: The six most embarrassing things you can do in a guild

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Karen Bryan @ massively had an interesting topic in her weekly column “The Guild Councel”. It was about the six most embarrassing moments that you can do in a guild.

Its actually quite true that almost every player who has been in a guild, had such moments. To be honest with you, these things are something that sometimes its worth to remember them because it  give us a great laugh.

So, which are those six most embarrassing moments then? According to Karen –

The dumb mistake raid wipe

I think, she is absolutely right about this one. Of course a guild would have wipes during a raid, but sometimes, some wipes are so silly. I was remembered my personal dump wipes on raids and i couldn’t stop laughing for 2mins.


Mistype the guild remove command

This one is a bit weird, you need to have a personal experience from this to understand it. Its about players who decided to leave the guild and everyone is waiting for the guild message ” X left the guild”, but instead they receive the message ” Y (GM) kicked X from the guild “. This is happen quite often to guilds where some guildmates are upset with guild leavers. And if the guild leaver doesn’t know the command for leaving the guild or mistyping it over and over again, eventually he would get a kick.

Pretend you’re someone you’re not

This one applies to people who try to trick other for their own benefit. Usually about gold, loot or some quests that they can’t do. Most common case are men players who pretend to be girls to have an easy life. But in some point someone has done his digging about the pretender get a big embarrass into the guild.

The mistell

The mistell is the No1 for me. I think this one is the most common dump moment that most players already have. Especially when you sent the message to the people that you criticise them negatively. Or when you are talking with your friend about something personal (i.e. sex) and some random receives your private message.

Raiding in your crafting/vanity clothes

That’s about players who forgot to change their gear suite to the appropriate one for the raid. For example, the tank trying to tank a boss in pvp gear or similar situation.

Raid leader senility

The last one has to do with Raid Leaders who forgot some minor details about boss encounters or paths to progress through the dungeons.

“It’s easy to do something embarrassing in game, but it actually takes skill and effort to accomplish some of these feats. If you’ve ever been guilty of making a mistake that left you humiliated, take heart in knowing that you’re in good company, and hopefully, players will end up laughing with (and not at) you. In the meantime, I’ll be busy trying to remember the color pattern to open the way to Druushk. Something about green and red…” Karen Bryan

Source: The Guild Councel by Karen Bryan

More coverage: Official Site


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