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Diablo III launch site comes to life !

Blizzard Entertainment announced few days ago the launch site of Diablo III is going live.

Players will be able to find new information, videos and new content of the game as well as some new contests and a banner customization tool. They will also have a chance to win five exclusive sigils for use on your customizable banner when Diablo III launches.

Exclusive In-Game Sigil.

Every week the site will unlock one Hero, beginning with Demon Hunter. Players will be able to customize a banner displaying an exclusive class specific sigil. These sigils can only be earned by customising a banner from that week class. Every week a new class-Hero will be unlocked and the previous will be locked. So players need to visit the site once per week if they wont to miss out any class.

Mark of Valor

While customizing your banner, you have the ability to upload a picture of yourself instead of using the provided art, and then submit it for approval to be displayed on the site. Approved images will be automatically entered in the Hero of the Day contest, which will award one person each day with a SteelSeries Diablo III mouse pad signed by the development team.


You can help advance the progress bar on the main page to unlock exclusive content by participating in the Art Contest and the Mark of Valor photo customization activity. You can also make progress by sharing unlocked content and player-submitted art and photos from within the site by clicking on the “Like” or “Share” buttons. We’ll be unlocking all manner of exclusive content, including interviews with the Diablo III development team, culminating in a truly epic unveiling once the progress bar reaches 100%

Art Contest

The Portrait of a Champion art contest challenges artists to have a chance some very cool prizes like ASUS monitors with 3D Vision kits, ASUS video cards, Antec Diablo III computer cases, and SteelSeries peripherals. For further details, please visit  Portrait of a Champion Art Contest rules 

Source: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise

More Coverage: Official Site


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