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Do you want realism or awesome?

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Brianna Royce, in her daily column; The Daily Grind, puts a very interesting dilemma when it comes to preference.

The Reality versus the Fantasy  in MMOs from one side, such as the basics of combat where characters got killed by blades and knifes instead of spells  or travelling across  the word on horses instead of dragons.

The interesting part is how people approach such a dilemma. We all know, MMOs are games which make people escape from their reality and so this will mean that they prefer fantasy over reality. But there are also players who are annoyed by certain elements of the game not being realistic.

For some gamers, getting killed by spells is pretty cool but jumping from a cliff that is 100 meters high and don’t die is frustrating. Another good example about Reality vs Fantasy is the argument between PvPers and PvErs for looting system in PvP. 

In my opinion Fantasy is over Reality, when it comes to gaming, for the simple fact that we leave reality in our lives. We chose games as an escape and it’s a source of entertainment which comes from our desire to do things that its not possible in our living experience. 

So at the end, is about personal preference and how players individually conceive the feeling “fun“. Both Fantasy and Reality can be fun in different ways. They can co-exist in a good balance and deliver the “fun-element” to the player which too much desires.

There were some nice replies at Brianna’s post and i took the liberty  to refer them here to see how different players see this dilemma. 

Thematically, most of us don’t want realism – we want wizards, dragons, zombies, space battles, jetpacks, etc. We just want it to feel real.To make all that craziness feel real is what creates the excitement!

It’s like reading a book. We will suspend disbelief but it needs to make sense. To read about Frodo taking Swift Travel from Bree to Rivendell and Samwise constantly fighting the urge to use his “Return to Michel Delving” skill does not make the world immersive. In the game, these elements are necessary evils. In LOTRO, terrain and resources comprise a negligible part of the game (granted the terrain is very attractive). The game is about getting to the next place and hitting the next group of mobs.” by leavemymonkeyalone


There is a balance that needs to be met between arcade and realism in mmo gaming, and at this point the pendulum needs to swing so far from the single-player arcade spectrum in mmo gaming, it isn’t even funny anymore.  Speaking of, again, the most recent mmo launched (TOR), there probably hasn’t been an mmo that has been dumbed-down yet lauded as such a great entertainment product by these Ad Sites while the mmo consumer market has thought otherwise, calling them out for their false reviews.

So in-short, since there isn’t any realism at all in the current crop of mmo games over the last several years, Realism has not existed while hordes of box purchasers have been fleeing the genre from continuous subscriptions to said games, and if what one thinks today is awesome, can be shown that mmo enthusiasts dont think it is awesome.” by CikBast

For me, it’s fun.

Realism, in certain places, can be fun. In other places, it’s pure boredom. 

Take injuries and healing, for example. For obvious reasons, you won’t find a single game that really strives for realism with them; it would be too boring.

Travel is another area where realism is not really desirable. In WoW, for example, a character should be able to run (without a mount) from one side of a continent to the other in less than half an hour, which is utterly unrealistic. Traveling by boat from one continent to the other takes, at most, 5 minutes (if you happen to barely miss the previous boat and have to wait for the round trip). And so on.

Games should basically aim for fun. Realism should be used where it brings fun to the target audience; in any place where realism is boring, it should be discarded.” by schmidt.capela

Source: The Daily Grind

More Coverage: Official Site


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