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Pax East 2012 – Summary

It was a very interesting weekend at Pax East 2012. There was too much going on at this special event, game updates, up-coming game betas, game demos and much more. Here, we will try to summarize the most important features of Pax East 2012.

TERA: A group press demo

TERA demonstrated an interesting end-game boss encounter with a 5-man group. The Argon boss was massive and the battle went quite smooth passing the message that the game isn’t only for hardcore players. Also from this demo we can say that En Masse isn’t focusing only in PvP part of the game. The PvE sector would be quite challenging and interesting to experience it.

Secret World Demo

The Secret World demo draw a good attention at Pax East event. Funcom’s upcoming game introduced some elements that we rarely see in an MMO nowadays. The game has no level progression and offers completely freedom to customize your character for skills and such as well as about gear equipments. Another unique feature of the game that introduced to the demo was the environment locations. It’s a mix of modern-world cities and mythical / legends area which keeps the player interested and attracted to it. The only choice a player has to do in the beginning is about which secret society he will join. Secret Societies work like factions in other games and the story line depends from them.

Neverwinter demo

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Enterntainment have introduced an interesting demo of Neverwinter. The classes have been more specialised from the ordinary D&D format, for example, there are different types of rogues, wizards etc. Also the combat control is a bit different. Instead of having many abilities to use during combat, characters have limited abilities. These abilities are divided to one primary attack, one secondary attack, two special attacks with cooldowns, one ability that came from action points and one utility ability. The game in general is more action-RPG orientated than the previous versions where you have to pause during the combat. This new element along with the interesting encounters the game offers, maybe a good attraction to a larger group of players who looking for faster progression overall.

SWTOR: 1.2 patch this week

James Ohlen of Bioware made a statement last weekend at Pax East 2012 that the major 1.2 patch will be released this week.

“We have our update 1.2 coming in the next week, and then after that, it’s going to continue to roll out month after month. It’s exciting,” he told Boston-area convention-goers.

Of course, until the actual release, we can’t say how accurate this statement is.

Guns of Icarus announces Closed Beta

Another great news at Pax East 2012  came from the developer team of Guns of Icarus Online. The game will go to Closed Beta in about 2 weeks from now. The game itself is an FPS genre with PvP matches in a SCi-Fi environment with spaceship battles.

Firefall: NDA dropped

Firefall dropped NDA last Friday and so the game testers can publicize their impressions. The game is an MMOFPS and at it’s current state the PvE is limited but offering a unique mechanic about gathering resources.

To gather resources in Firefall, you need a special device which is a huge robot that you popped next to the resource. The robot start to salvage but its sound generate big aggro from surrounding mobs, so they eventually attack you. This idea makes gathering quite interesting and breaks the boredom grind that we have used so far.

 As for PvP, the game offers too much fun. They have two different types of matches so far. The classic death match and the sabotage. In the sabotage match there are defenders and attackers who have to defend – destroy certain objectives. It’s a nice match based on teamwork and PvPers will enjoy it.

The graphics of the game are in a very well shape. Quite smooth with a good rendering. It’s a comic art type but not so cartoonist which make the player to feel quite pleasant.


Source: massively


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