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SWTOR: 1.2 patch goes live @ April 12th 2012

Bioware finally released the launch of date of major upcoming 1.2 patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is 12th of April 2012. The patch will bring some interesting changes to the game with the new Legacy system , improved UI customisation along with a new 5-man instance and new raid content. Also, a new warzone will be introduced and the players can look forward for the new guild feature; Guild Banks.

Game System: Legacy 

With Game Update 1.2, the Legacy system has been greatly expanded on. Players can now tie their different characters together inside of a Legacy family tree, and those characters will be able to unlock unique abilities for themselves, and for other characters in their Legacy. Over time, as players increase their Legacy level they’ll be able to unlock new “convenience items” for their ship, which include an on-board mailbox and Global Trade Network terminal, among other items. 

With Legacy, players can also unlock new species for any character class in their Legacy.

Operation: Explosive Conflict 

In ‘Explosive Conflict’, a brutal battle between Imperial invaders and Republic-backed mercenaries has come to an abrupt end, with both forces swearing allegiance to a powerful warlord. Neither the Republic nor the Empire will allow such a betrayal to stand, and that’s why you and your allies must travel to the planet of Denova. There, you and your groupmates will have to work together to battle some of the greatest threats in the galaxy, but you will earn powerful weapons and armor as you progress.

Flash Point: The Lost Island 

‘The Lost Island’ is an exciting new Flashpoint that picks up immediately after the events of ‘Kaon Under Siege’. Having learned the identity of who was responsible for the outbreak of the Rakghoul virus that devastated the Tion Hegemony, you and up to three of your Republic or Imperial allies will be sent to a small island on Ord Mantell. Once there, you will battle your way through endless hordes of twisted creatures before confronting the man responsible for the destruction of so many worlds…

Source: Official Site


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