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SWTOR: Ranked Warzones are OUT of 1.2 Patch !

Daniel Erickson, the Lead Game Designer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, announced yesterday that Ranked Warzones won’t be available to the up-coming 1.2 patch update. 

After careful consideration, it is clear that to make Ranked Warzones the feature we all want it to be is going to take a bit more time. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause and ask for your patience as we work to make sure the Ranked Warzone Preseason launch is polished and fun. 

In the future we’ll be rolling the Ranked Warzone Preseason out in phases, listening carefully to player feedback and making adjustments as we go. The first phase will be full team, eight-player queuing only and from there we’ll look at next steps as Preseason progresses. In the meantime we have provided an alternate purchase route for War Hero gear so you can start building your set while figuring out your teams.“, Daniel Erickson says.

What it remains to see, is how much attractable the game will be for PvPers within 1.2 patch.

Source: Announcement

More Coverage: Official Site


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