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City of Heroes: Issue 23 – Where Shadows Lie

Issue 23 brings some new features to City of Heroes, with the most important, the end of The Praetorian War. The players are forced to face the Emperor Cole of Praetoria and eventually engaged in an epic encounter with Diabolique in the new Magisterium Incarnate Trial.

This update also includes  a new zone. Night Ward is a Level 30-35 co-op zone where players are encountered a variety of new creatures such as the Animus Arcana, Drudges and Black Knights.

Another new feature is the introduction of a looking for group (LFG) channel, which is available to all type of players ((VIP, premium, and free). Also, an improvement travel system has been implanted.he new Interdimensional Tunnel System makes getting from one world to another quick and easy.

Some new VIP content and benefits have been applied to this update as well. Both Heroes and Villains are being supercharged with new uncontrollable powers. There is a new Mecha Armor Tier 9 Costume Set and a new Chain Mail and Leather Armor Costume Set. And finally, level 50 VIP players can now unlock the Hybrid Incarnate Tree, which grants them new powers based on the core Archetypes in City of Heroes

Source: Official Site


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