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Goblin’s Corner: MMOs & Houses

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Housing in MMOs is a very attractable feature for every game. It gives players and guilds to have a personal space inside the game and use it as they want. This special feature has already implanted in some games in the past. Dark Age of Camelot (Daoc), Ever Quest 2 (EQ2), Lord of The Rings Online (LoTRO) are some of the MMOs who supported Housing. Also, recently in Star Wars: The Old Republic, players were asking for this feature for some time now as well.

Housing gives a lot of freedom to players to decorate this personal space the way they want and also it brings some extra functionalities. For example, in Daoc or LoTRO, you don’t need to go to the local crafting area to be able to craft your armor or weapons. You could just teleport to your house and do all the crafting there away from crowded areas. Another good example that i remember was the Housing in EQ2. The decoration feature was so amazing. Almost every single world boss, raid boss or regular boss in the world of EQ2 was dropping trophies which could put them inside your house. Also, you could access the trade broker from your house avoiding popular lagging areas.

Housing actually reflects the profile of the players. People can visit other houses and from decoration can see what type of player you are; a raider, an adventurer or pvper. This option was quite well establish in EQ2 where players have the ability to allow public or semi-public access to their houses.

There are unlimited options players can do with Housing, not mention how helpful is for guilds, but still not many games around has this unique feature. Why do you think developers avoiding to support this option into their games ?


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