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TESO: A TESO podcast with Jesse & Force

In this pod-cast the 2 veteran gamers, Jesse & Force talk about a variety of things which happened in the last few weeks.

On summary, they talk about:

  • Beta Signups & Content in Beta Stage.
    • About Beta System and the special bar on the right of the screen which lets you know according to the information you put in, if you have high, medium or low chances to get into Beta. Of course this is an estimate statement and we don’t know if they chose their beta tester based on this info.
    • They also talk about the content on Beta Stage. Players will be limited to play in the starter area in this first wave of Beta, but again, we don’t know how big this area would be and how long the Beta Events could last (i.e weekends or weeks)
  • Computer Spec
    • Even a PC 5 years old would be able to play the game, although its not certain in which level of graphics could be possible. For example, could be playable in low settings but would be enjoyable at this mode ?
  • Death System
    • They say, there will be 2 options to chose once someone dies. Rez back to life at the nearest way-shrine (graveyard) or Rez back at the current location in exchange of xp, stat or coins cost. For sure, there wont be any item drops on death.
  • Latest Cinematic
    • Jesse commented on the latest cinematic that its a fun video to watch but it doesn’t have any strong element from Elder Scrolls.
  • Combat
    • Small UI with a hotbar with 5 skills curently
    • Diablo / GW2 style to amend the 5 skills in hotbar
    • No cool-downs on skills but limited resources (health, stamina, magicka) which will prevent the constant use of the same skill over and over again.
  • Crafting
    • Crafting items would be equal to items acquired from quests, raids and PvP. Something similar system which exists on GW2 at the moment.

From 48:20 on the video the real interesting part of this podcast begins. They talk about Join Multiple Guilds and Pay Model.

  • Join Multiple Guilds

Recently on the official forums, there was a topic raised about  the community’s concerns regarding players would be able to join multiple guilds. Jesse talks about his personal experience on this matter bringing up a live   example who experienced in GW2. He also talks about his idea about how guild-housing could be implanted in TESO, involving PvP into it.

  • Pay Model

The other interesting topic was what kind of Pay Model TESO should follow. Force was leaning towards pay-to-play model due to the fact that ESO is a strong marketing name and can make a respect amount of money in the first few months of release. From the other side Jesse was more diplomatic of that matter. He said pay-to-play model would only work if TESO design team can be able to keep players hooked at the end game.

All in all, it was a nice and interesting pod-cast, hopefully you will enjoy it !


Source: ESO Pod-Cast


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