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WoW: Lunar Festival is Live !

Lunar Festival

Lunar Festival became live for one more time in Azeroth. It is a fun period for role players and for people who like fancy clothes and gizmo items. So for all of you out there who such events, take up your sword, wear your shiny armor and go out for a unique adventure which happens once per year !

Event Details

Start: January 27th, 2013

Ends: February 9th, 2013

Locations: Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, Booty Bay, and Moonglade (look for portals in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms).

During that period, there are certain activities in which you can participate and also, there are unique items which can be used for requiring rewards.

  • Coin of Ancestry

Coins of Ancestry are used to purchase festival clothing and other special items. You can collect them by completing quests, including the daily quests that are part of the festival.

  • Seasonal Boss: Omen

    The great wolf Omen was once a hero of this world. An embodiment of strength and fortune, Omen fought beside the heroes of the War of the Ancients until he succumbed to demonic magics. Turning against his allies, he raged across Azeroth, leaving death and terror in his wake. Omen was finally defeated in Moonglade, and he now sleeps among the silt of Lake Elune’ara. But each year, at the beginning of the festival, he stirs…

  • Elders

    During the Lunar Festival, you will have the opportunity to honor your elders; in doing so, you’ll also honor their culture and people. Those who show their elders respect will be rewarded with Coins of Ancestry and Lucky Red Envelopes.

  • Fireworks

    The innovative and artistic engineers of Undermine have been slaving away since their display of pyrotechnics in January. Their latest and greatest – not to mention highly dangerous – creations will be on display in the cities of the world every hour after sunset. Keep your eyes to the skies, and be sure to stick around for the finale!

  • Revelers

    Many soldiers have come home from abroad to engage in the festivities. Share in the merriment and dance with the revelers, or, if you’re so inclined, blow a kiss to one that catches your eye. It’s all in fun; they appreciate the attention!

  • Festival Outfits

    A selection of unique clothing is available to help you join in the festivities. Such outfits have been worn in times past during the Lunar Festival, and each is hand-crafted with only the finest fabrics and other quality components.

  • Merchants & Vendors

    These sellers will exchange food, festive clothes, pets, and more for your Coins of Ancestry.

Lunar Festival 1


Of course by participating in some these unique activities you earn some special rewards.

  • Pets

There is one pet per faction and they are some kind of lanterns to light your way in dark places. They can be purchased from  from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade for 50 Coins of Ancestry.

  • Seasonal Recipes

There are 2 kind of recipes. For engineers who will be able to make some fancy fireworks and for Tailors who will be able to make festival dresses and suits.

  • Festival garments

For 5 Coins of Ancestry, you can acquire Festival Dresses and Suits.

  • Elune’s Lantern

            This lantern transforms a Solid Stone into an Elune Stone. It is part of the Elune’s Blessing quest reward.

For more detailed information about this special event, head over to Lunar Festival

Source: Official Site


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