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EVE: Devs Blogs – A weekend of Epic Destruction


CCP Manifest briefs up the interesting events which happened during the weekend on EVE (Tranquality). The 2 major events of this weekend was The Battle of Asakai and Poinen Must Burn.

The Battle of Asakai

If you follow EVE closely, like we do, it would have been pretty difficult to miss news of the Battle of Asakai that happened this weekend when one unfortunate Titan pilot misclicked and sent his massive, gorgeous and expensive spaceship cascading into an interesting situation in a tactical position he hadn’t planned on. He’d planned on being with his fleet interrupting a small skirmish between two much smaller groups. Soon he was essentially Forever Alone in a low-security solar system… well, actually he wasn’t alone for very long, and the ship… well.

At one point Asakai looked like this:


As a quick side note, this wasn’t the largest single battle in EVE. That still belongs to the one in LXQ2-T. It’s number 1 on this list made in October of last year.

Ultimately hundreds of spaceships, including some quite large ones that can take months to build, exploded amidst an impressive final participant count that would rival entire servers of other instanced MMOs. Basically, EVE’s “sandbox” universe design allows absolute freedom of movement and persistence over time. That system is fueled by the collective imagination of the EVE community that makes the conflicts—well—“real”.  9 straight years of subscriber growth in EVE has meant for a rich history and a population size that allows such tremendous things to happen.

Below a pretty amazing video of it in action (click to up to 1080p) thanks to FATE being there early on and recording. The voices are the fleet commanders issuing orders to the rest of people in their fleet, using strict military-style comms to direct squads of different types of ships towards targets using real-time threat assessment. The Leviathan mentioned is the Titan.

Pretty Lights of Asakai Video

Poinen Must Burn

Coincidentally, this weekend a massive completely player-run event left over 28,000 ships destroyed in the Poinen solar system in another part of the EVE Universe during a preplanned RvB (Red Alliance versus Blue Republic) Free-For-All event aptly titled “Poinen Must Burn”. Burn it did, with some of the most flagrant disregards for frigate safety we have ever seen. TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND SHIPS—a simply staggering amount—added to the weekend’s tally. In many ways it’s a shame it happened at the same time as the Battle of Asakai, as it is truly amazing in its own right.

Here’s the promo video for it:


And he concluded with some interesting infos about how CCP manages to keep those massive fights on a smooth run.


So those of you who encounter lag in much smaller server situations in other games might be wondering what happens to the EVE servers during that time? There are a few options on our end, courtesy of explanation via CCP Veritas.

The customer service duders (GMs) keep an eye out for gigantic fights like this.  We’ve got a cluster status webpage that shows big red numbers when a node gets overloaded like it was by this fight, so it’s pretty easy to see what’s up.

From there, a few things can happen:

  • We do nothing.  Either we expect the fight to be short or the load is manageable.  A large majority of fights fall here thanks to our hardware investment. Yay technology!
  • We move other solar systems on the node away from the fight.  This disconnects anyone in those systems temporarily, but spares them from the ongoing symptoms of being on an overloaded server.  It helps the fight system a little bit as well, especially if a reinforcement fleet is traveling through those other systems.  This was done for the Asakai fight over the weekend, but is rare.
  • We move the fight system onto a “supernode”.  We’ve got a couple machines that are crazy-good hardware, well above what the rank and file of the cluster is.  This is the machine that systems get reinforced on when players request that for a preplanned fight of this magnitude.  Unfortunately, the same thing above applies – anyone in the system when the move happens gets disconnected.  Because of this, it’s basically never done for a battle already in session.  In this case, the fight broke out because of a Titan put out of position by accident.  Had we gone this route and moved the system, the Titan and his friends simply wouldn’t have logged back in, killing the fight.  So, yea, this just isn’t done.

by CCP Manifest


Source: EVE Community


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