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GW2: Wintersday Workshop Winners


GW2Guru announced the Winners of Wintersday Workshop Contest for 2012.

Wintersday Artist Extraordinaire

Awarded an artist who participated actively in the thread, and was a candidate for the Glittering Tinsel Award and at least 1 other Workshop Award.

Winner: Frost Valkyrie

Frost was active, constructive and considered for several awards. In the end, the judges decided she deserved the top prize for her quality entries and helpful spirit.


Best Progress

Awarded artists who have listened to critique and made a great effort to better his/her entry, regardless of skill level or medium.

* 1st Place
Winner: Feathermoore

Feathermoore posted progress and listened to feedback all the way from outline to finished piece. The judges’ all loved his idea and he was considered for different awards, but he was the strongest candidate for this one in particular. Beautifully executed!

* 2nd Place
Winner: Kiya Koreena (Chess Board)

Kiya’s frequent updates on the Chess Board project served as both a way for her to improve her craft, and for others to get into the hobby. We’ve greatly enjoyed following this project!

* 3rd Place
Winner: Frost Valkyrie (Svanta Claus)

Frost frequently posted progress and listened intently to critique and arrived at a very well executed piece of art.


Grentches Award

Awarded an artist who’s piece bowed in the favour of Grenth, for a spookier and cheekier Wintersday.

Winner: Whimzic

Cheeky, funny and original, this entry would greatly please Grenth and his minions. The judges thought this was a thorough piece of art saturated with detail and humour.


oymaker Tixx’s Award

Awarded an artist who’s piece would bring a spiky grin to Tixx’ face, a piece with a warm, traditional Wintersday atomsphere.

Winner: Kiya Koreena (Chess Set)

Cute, playful and beautifully crafted, the judges decided this entry would be Tixx’ favourite. It’s clear that a great deal of effort has been put into this piece, and while it’s not traditionally Wintersday in the common sense, this is a gift any child would be excited to unwrap come that special season.


Nicholas’ Award

Awarded an artist who’s piece is brimming with Guild Wars nostalgia. It may be related to GW1 or GW2, or maybe even both, as long as it inspires fond memories of past events, places or people in the Guild Wars universe.


The old gods celebrating Wintersday GW1 style was a festive blast from the past! This was a detailed and expertly painted artwork which was immediately nostalgic. The portrait of Colin from GW2’s manifesto also ties it to the future of the GW universe.

Glittering Tinsel Award

Awarded an individual who provided quality constructive criticism to the Workshop artists, and generally kept their spirits lifted and inspired throughout. This individual was not necessarily an artist himself/herself, but the most helpful poster ITT
Note: neither Tzu nor Aero are eligible

Winner: Tommy

Helpful and constructive, Tommy offered quality advice to those who requested it, even if he couldn’t find time to enter himself.


Community Award

Awarded an artist chosen by the people. Details on how to vote will be up when the Workshop draws to a close, and anyone may vote for any artist participating in the Workshop – there is no particular criteria other than do not vote for yourself. Anyone who participates in the voting automatically enters a raffle for bonus prizes!

Winner: Kiya Koreena

While it was a very close run, Kiya won the majority of the votes.


Wintersday Screenshot Competition

Screenshots will be judged based on quality of composition, concept, subject(s), originality and how closely related the screenshot is to the Wintersday theme.

Winner:  Hailfall

Hailfall’s originality and humour won the judges over this year. The screenshot had a clear narrative, solid composition and clear resolution.

special line

Addendum: The judging this year took a lot of time as the judges’ chosen candidates for each award were often dissimilar but all well reasoned. There were a lot of different candidates chosen in general; a majority of which didn’t make it to the final winners list, but in the end this list is what we agreed on. While this is our final decision we think it’s important to stress the fact that a lot of different people were considered for the different awards this year and all were more than deserving of a prize. We hope this is a comfort to those not chosen, and thank you for all your beautiful art and hard work! It was a very close call for many of you.

The winners will receive a PM regarding prize logistics. Some have been nominated for more than one Award, but because no one person may claim more than 1 prize, these individuals may choose which Award they want and the remaining prizes will be redistributed.

by Tzu

Source: GW2Guru


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