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TERA: Rising Patch Notes 19.04.02


Everyone is so anxious about TERA’s transformation into a F2P model with the upcoming release TERA: Rising on 5th of February.

Here are the patch notes for this exiting package:

Account Status

If you want to know how accounts have changed, please check out our FAQ.

Nexus Changes

  • Nexus Traverse minimum party size has changed from 10 to 7, in case you can’t find enough brave souls to die with you.
  • Nexus Largesse buff has been added to Nexus Traverse.
    • The buff increases drop rate on traverse sovereign and traverse mutilators.
    • The buff stacks once for each player grouped inside Nexus Traverse.
  • Nexus reputation reward costs have been lowered for tier 13 and 14 equipment.
  • Nexus times have changed to noon and 7 p.m. Pacific time every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, find your own ways to die.

Server Transfers

  • Server transfers are now available between Mount Tyrannas, Celestial Hills, and Tempest Reach.
    • Server transfer cooldowns increased from 7 to 30 days.
    • PvPers transferring to PvE with infamy will display the Outlaw circle upon first logging in. This is a graphical bug; no actual PvP will be allowed for that player. Logging out and back in will remove this circle.
    • PvPers trying to transfer to a PvE server with the Manual: Outlaw Declaration will find that manual to be unusable and not tradable.


  • The Champions’ Skyring (3v3) is now live! Please check out the details on ourChampions’ Skyring Game Guide page.
    • Your team can opt to play for practice or for rank. Or, as we call it, the schoolyard or the killing floor.
    • Ranked results affect both Bellicarium and the new Killing Spree reputation.
  • Fraywind Canyon
    • A notification message is now displayed when a BAM dies. Apparently, being crushed underneath it isn’t a clear enough message.
    • Offline users are now kicked from the team if they remain offline long enough.
    • A player’s HP/MP automatically replenishes upon entering/exiting Fraywind Canyon.
    • The desperate resolve buff has been modified.
      • It now activates at 1,300 points and deactivates at 500.
      • Power and Endurance now increase by 40 instead of 60.
      • It does not activate during the first 2,000 points scored. You weren’t that desperate, were you?
    • The powerful morale buff from the teralith has been modified.
      • Endurance now increases by 20 (instead of 40), and attack speed increases by 20% (instead of 30%).
    • Objects in spawn points now continually grant the clemency buff.
      • Buff makes you invincible and is granted at the base.
      • Buff lasts until you attack. If you don’t initiate combat, it lasts a minimum of 10 seconds—longer if you remain at the base. But only weaklings cower at the base!
    • An additional 80 points are added to winning team’s leader’s battleground score.
    • When you die, time left until resurrection is now displayed in green.
    • When you resurrect, the camera will point toward the base entrance, because we all know how disorienting death can be.
    • Kills now add 8 points to the total match score (was 5).
  • Rain of Arrows and Hail Storm visuals have been modified to more easily tell the difference between enemies’ and allies’ attacks. Apparently that’s important or something.

Quests and Factions

  • Several Lumbertown quests have changed.
    • Strife in Fey Forest: The spawn time for gatherables has changed to 10 seconds (down from 30 seconds), and gatherables have been moved closer to town. Gardeners and their free time…
    • Keeping the Quota: Gatherables are available at 10 nodes (was 19 nodes). The woodcutters are slacking even more than usual.
    • Faeries in a Fix: If you have not completed the quest, the quest has been reset and cancelled. Talk to NPC Verus to receive the quest again.
    • Other Fey Forest quests: Other quests have had minor changes. Receive quests from NPCs in Lumbertown if you have not already completed them.
  • New daily quests are available, and other changes have been made to daily quest rewards.
  • Two new factions offer daily quests.
    • Jax Trust
      • This “legitimate business owner” and his associates offer quests from Cutthroat Harbor.
      • Level 60 characters automatically get favorable reputation with Jax Trust. Beats waking up next to a horse’s head!
    • Unified Theory Institute
      • These scientists in Allemantheia seek to meld magic and technology.
      • Level 60 characters automatically get favorable reputation with the institute.
      • The institute offers the new Sheldon turtle mount reward for those with revered reputation and 10,000 gold. It’s turtles all the way down.
  • Killing Spree reputation has been added. Earn it by battling in Champions’ Skyring.
  • All daily quests reward 20% more gold.


  • Re-entry time has been cut in half for the following dungeons when using party matching:
    • Manaya’s Core (normal)
    • Argon Corpus (normal and hard)
    • Balder’s Temple (normal and hard)
  • The quest requirement for party matching in Kelsaik’s Nest has been removed. This one was Killian’s idea—something about “seriously, they need the practice.”
  • Sirjuka Gallery’s gold reward has increased.
  • Argon Corpus
    • Reduced collisions with mesh railings near room entrances, and improved camera behavior near railings.
    • Fixed translucent effects of objects within the corpus.
  • Temple of Temerity
    • Increased dire badge rewards. Sadly, no increase in dire badgers.
    • Dire badges are now tradable.
    • Rewards are given when you kill the third named mob. No rewards when you name the third killed mob, though.
  • Crucible of Flame
    • The Crucible of Flame is now here! The gods wish to test you—will you answer the call?
    • See our Crucible of Flame Game Guide for more details.
    • This dungeon has been added to the party matching system or can be accessed from Vold, an NPC in Velika.
    • The new “The Eye of the Fire” quest is an introduction to the crucible.


    • Archer
      • Rain of Arrows attack speed has increased.
      • Damage dispersion for Arrow Volley has been removed.
    • Warrior
      • Backstab cooldown has changed to 28 seconds.
      • Rising Fury has an increased chance of knockdown.
      • Smoke Aggressor now generates more aggro.
    • Slayer: In Cold Blood increases your damage by 10%.
  • Sorcerer
    • Mindblast and Time Gyre now have 50% duration if they hit two enemies and 25% duration if they hit three enemies.
    • Void Pulse’s reaction has been removed.
    • Hail Storm is now available at level 48 and increases every four levels.
  • Priest
    • Fiery Escape’s slow effect has changed to 50%, and the duration has increased to eight seconds. If you still can’t get to safety, there may be no hope for you.
    • Purifying Circle’s effect does not occur while casting, and the MP cost is lowered to 300.
    • Heal Thyself now has a shorter casting time.
    • Focus Heal’s MP cost has changed to 350.
    • Healing Immersion’s MP cost has lowered to 500.
    • Healing Circle’s MP cost has lowered to 450.
    • Kaia’s Shield’s cooldown has reduced to 50 seconds.
    • Guardian Sanctuary’s cooldown has reduced to 35 seconds.
    • The cooldown for Metamorphic Blast has decreased from 3.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Mystic
    • When the Thrall of Protection succeeds in a normal attack, it spreads aggro to nearby monsters.
    • Sonorous Dreams, Curse of Confusion, and Mire now have 50% duration if they hit two enemies and 25% duration if they hit three enemies.


    • Glyph templates and a toggling function have been added. For more details, please check out upcoming changes to our game guide.
    • Slayer
      • Overpower—glyph of sap (chance to add stun effect) changed to glyph of boost (increases skill power by 10% for next attack).
      • Evasive Roll—glyph of opportunity (chance to clear the cooldown of Backstab) changed to glyph of powerlink (increases damage by 25% for the next chain skill: Backstab).
      • Distant Blade—glyph of numbing now has a chance to decrease opponent’s attack speed by 15% (down from 30%).
    • Sorcerer
      • Teleport Jaunt—glyph of persistence (35% chance to eliminate cooldown) changed to glyph of energy (reduces cooldown by 15%).
      • Fireblast—glyph of sharing (increases damage when hitting multiple targets) changed to glyph of energy (reduces cooldown by 10%).
      • Flame Pillar—glyph of sharing (increases damage when hitting multiple targets) changed to glyph of energy (reduces cooldown by 20%).
    • Mystic
      • Teleport Jaunt—glyph of persistence (35% chance to eliminate cooldown) changed to glyph of energy (reduces cooldown by 25%).
      • Arun’s Vitae—glyph of restoration now restores 30% HP (was 10%).
      • Warding Totem—glyph of brilliance now costs 3 glyph points (was 4).
    • Priest: Fiery Escape—glyph of persistence (35% chance to eliminate cooldown) changed to glyph of energy (reduces cooldown by 15%).
    • Archer: Close Quarters—glyph of persistence (20% chance to eliminate cooldown) changed to glyph of power (increases skill damage by 100%).
  • Warrior
    • Cascade of Stuns—glyph of persistence (30% chance to eliminate cooldown) changed to glyph of energy (reduces cooldown by 25%).
    • Rising Fury—glyph of numbing now has a chance to decrease opponent’s attack speed by 15% (down from 30%).
    • Backstab—glyph of persistence (30% chance to eliminate cooldown) changed to glyph of advantage (increases edge).
    • Staggering Counter—glyph of opportunity (chance to clear the cooldown of Cascade of Stuns) changed to glyph of powerlink (increases skill damage by 10% of the next chain skill: Cascade of Stuns).


  • Crafting has been overhauled to streamline the process and simplify the amount of additional materials needed. See the upcoming changes to the Crafting game guide.
  • Some old crafting recipes are no longer usable and are marked as “worn recipes.” Those recipes can be sold back to merchants for their original purchase price. Pack rats rejoice!
  • New crafting recipes are available.
  • New reagents exist for all levels of crafting. They’re more flexible than the old ones and will work for multiple professions.
  • Old reagents that are no longer usable can be sold back to merchants for the original purchase price.
  • A dedicated crafter’s scroll that increases crafting speed and its recipe have been added.
    • It increases crafting speed by 50% for one hour and stacks with Kaiator midnight oil.
    • The recipe for the scroll is available at alchemy formula vendors in cities.
  • A gatherfaster scroll that increases gathering speed and its recipe have been added.
    • It increases gathering speed by 30% for 30 minutes.
    • The recipe for the scroll is available at alchemy formula vendors in cities.
  • Major potion recipes, major elixir recipes, and all holism recipes were removed.
  • Crafting of restoratives and draughts is now simpler.
    • They no longer come from critical successes for crafting elixirs or potions.
    • Rarity has been changed to uncommon.
    • They’re crafted with processed materials, despite the picketing from the “raw foods” movement.
    • Recipes can be purchased from alchemy formula vendors in cities.
  • Cooldowns have been reduced for crafted potions and some scrolls.
  • Healing restoration now has a separate cooldown from mana restoration.
  • Crafting visionmaker items now requires less cyasmic oil. Cyasmic oil is now purchasable from the Invalesco. And it’s tasty too. Drink it. Drink it!
  • Crafting the conjunct set is now less expensive.


  • Gathering progressions and success rates have improved.
    • When gathering materials of the same proficiency level, success rate has increased to 100%.
    • Gathering now always levels up proficiency to tier maximum.
  • The rewards have changed for plentiful nodes.
    • Drop rates for plentiful nodes differ from normal gatherable nodes.
    • Plentiful nodes have 50% greater chance of dropping uncommon gathering materials.
    • Ores are the same as before. There are no useful superior ores. Ore are there?
  • Monsters drop fewer ores, fibers, and essences. Their hides, however, are just as plentiful—and you know how to “gather” those.
  • Gathering time has been reduced for ores, plants, and energy.
  • Gathering now supplies an increased number of items.
  • Extraction now produces a decreased number of items.


  • The enchantment compensation system now increases the success rate after a number of enchanting failures.
    • The success rate increase depends on the alkahest type and the grade of the enchanting materials (fodder).
    • The success rate increase does not depend on the item tier.
    • Gear from dungeons now has a chance to drop with masterwork status (not including bind-on-pickup and nonenchantable items).
  • Masterwork alkahest and spellbinds are no longer available from specialty stores, and their sell prices have changed.
  • All gear will now be identified when dropped. And the world is less enigmatic.
  • The drop rate of masterwork alkahests in level 58–60 dungeons has increased.
  • Fraywind armor set chest piece now enchants to PvP defense 5.


  • The effects of some consumable items have changed.
    • Expedition healing potion now restores 287 HP every second for 10 seconds (was 140 HP every second for 12 seconds).
    • Valiant potion increases HP recovery by 6% for 5 seconds.
  • All cosmetic items from the store are now destroyable. You can finally get rid of that Christmas gear cluttering up your bank!
  • The PvP stats for visionmaker weapons have decreased.
  • The base weapon and armor stats for the conjunct set have increased.
  • Conjunct weapons’ attack-from-behind PvP stat has increased to 10.
  • Victor’s set is now bind on equip.


  • The following monsters are no longer elite: Zuulrakar, Nurkrasid, Valursus, Masakrad, and Saraeno. Guess they missed the “elite status” option in the store.
  • Added new world bosses across three zones.
    • These bosses spread aggro to other monsters in their group or to all possible monsters within range.
    • These bosses have better stats than other monsters of the same level and provide four to six times the experience of other monsters at that level.
    • These bosses drop new buffs and jewelry items. Because on them, it just looks tacky.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Chat channels are now level restricted.
    • Area chat is available to levels 5 and up.
    • Trade and LFG chat is available to levels 12 and up.
    • Global chat is available to levels 20 and up, and chat frequency limits and mute times have increased.
  • You must be level 40 to vote in elections.
  • Campfire and Santa candle effects no longer overlap. You no overlap candle!
  • The shadow steed mount now drops in Ebon Tower (hard).
  • The following mount changes apply only to mounts you do not already own. The changes are not retroactive.
    • The mount reward for the achievement “End of the Ride” (Death Charger) now has a movement speed of 275 (was 280).
    • The Aeolian Zebra that drops in Balder’s Temple (hard), Fane of Kaprima (hard), and Kelsaik’s Nest (hard) now has a movement speed of 275 (was 280).
    • The mount reward for the quest “Mount Up” (Black Leopard) now has a movement speed of 275 (was 280).

Bugs Squashed

  • Krokan is no longer required for the “Better Dead Than Red” achievement.
  • The quests for Suryati’s Peak and the actual dungeon level now align.
  • Text for button in Lashinuk’s dialog has been populated.
  • “The Desert Jewel” cinematic subtitles have changed to allow easier reading.
  • The Red Lash archer arrows now appear…normal.
  • The glyph “Indignant Glacial Retreat” has been fixed. So there!
  • Moving Nexus Sovereign into the second room no longer prevents adds from aggroing.
  • Charges on applicable skills can no longer be “stored” if interrupted by specific skills.
  • A clemency buff protects players against Meteor attacks while in their base.

Known Issues

  • The cosmetic effect for the “Murderous Intent” skill remains on the weapon after the buff runs out.
  • Players on the pegasus when they accept a battleground queue will fall to the ground when they leave the battleground.


by Killian

Source: Official Site


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