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TESO: The Weekly Raven

The Weekly Raven 2

The Weekly Raven is a new column on this blog and it will roundup all the news that happened  about TESO during the week.

This week was ok  for TESO – press, we had one interesting interview by The Guardian and the premier of ESOTR Com Spotlight podcast, which will keep us hooked for the weeks to follow. After the announcement about the Closed Beta last week and the explosion of internet in that regards, this week was like a chilling moment after a storm has passed. This reminded me Matt Firor who said, in the introduction video back on November 2012:

it’s very hard to release 1 video, 1 demo, 1 presentation at a time.

So this week we had:

  • A press statement about some errors in Beta Signups

Last week, when the Beta Signups was announced, some people didn’t received a confirmation e-mail once they completed the Beta application form. So, TESO early this week came up to calm down all those who were upset    about this matter, with a press statement on TESO-FB.

  • An exclusive interview with Matt Firor by The Guardian

This interview was quite interesting. They talked about many things but we didn’t got any major news from what we know so far. The PvP won’t be available straight away like it does in Guild Wars 2. At its current state, PvP will be unlocked at level 10, something similar to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Matt Firor explained that the team went over this route because they wanted to give the players some time to get familiar with combat system before they throw them into chaotic PvP battles. That’s a good point from casual player’s perspective, although i don’t think most PvPers will agree with this. On top of that, someone needs to spend about 15hrs to hit level 10 in casual gameplay and i assume, hardcores will do it in half the time. Still, a PvPer will need approx 7-8 hrs before he goes into his favourite gameplay. At the end of the day, its not a big deal, but in my opinion, the game shouldn’t put any type of player into restricted gameplay.

They also talked about weapons, armor and specialization in general. This is another big concern when in comes to balancing character’s specs. Matt Firor said that they focus on this issue:

In a true class-based system you run the risk everyone rolls the same class, but in a more open one the players will very much from the beginning try to find the most powerful build, and it’s our job to ensure that there are many viable builds.


I hope they do it right. If their job will be successfully in this matter, TESO will be one of the best MMOs out there. This task is very hard for class-based MMOs especially when there is a mix of PvE and PvP. So to balance character builds in game where restrictions are limited, it looks legendary hard. Of course isn’t impossible. With the current system that TESO has, in which weapons and armors will have pros and cons, the balancing issue could be successful.  Although, the question remains; will it be ready for launch ? Who knows, only time can tell.

Another interesting part of the interview was the PvP environment in details. The 3 faction open PvP could be the best open PvP out there based on Matt Firor’s saying. As an old Daoc player myself i trust them that they will do it right. Although i noticed they didn’t mention anything about battlegrounds, i hope they will implant such a PvP system in the near future.

Finally, Rich Stanton made the key question – when the Beta will start. The answer from Matt Firor was simple: Very Soon. For the full interview head over to these links:

  • The premier of ESOTR Com Spotlight podcast 

This first episode of ESOTR Com Spotlight podacst was very interesting and informative as well. They had on board 2 special guests; the founders of Tamriel Foundry. In that show, they analysed the video published by Tamriel Foundry almost 2 months ago. Through this analysis some detailed infos revealed and also some miss-infos have been corrected.

They clarified that Zenimax Studios is the primary developer of TESO and they refer to Bethesda when it comes to the lore of TESO. This happens mainly because TESO will be an MMO game and Zanimax has great experience on this field while Bethesda has focused to make single player games in the past. Also, being aware  of Bioware’s situation with SWTOR, they wanted to avoid any similar cases of failure, so Zanimax took over. Those are encouraging infos for MMO players and we only hope that TESO won’t give us the same experience as SWTOR did.

Another good point of this podcast was the phase system. Many players confuse it with the similar system which exists in World of Warcraft. The truth is, it isn’t. In WoW, when 2 or more players are in the same location, but in different phase, they can’t see each other. In TESO, the environment changes based on which phase you are, but you can still see your friend, who is in different phase than you and also can help eachother.

Later on, they had a long discussion about the combat targeting system. There is the Soft Lock on target, which puts a radical on it and there is the Hard Lock on target, which enhances the Soft Lock. How this work: First of all, when someone tries to hit his target and additional enemies intervene in the line between him and his target, he will hit the additional enemy instead of his target. This happens mainly on range attacks, it doesn’t affect close combat. Having that in mind, Soft Lock is actual your line of site and puts a radical on target something similar to Skyrim, so your hits needs to be inside the radical for a success attack. In case now there are extra enemies who intervene between you and your target, you can use the Hard Lock. This will put a mark over your target which will help you spot him better where he is and focus on him instead of hitting additional enemies. Hard Lock is very handy in PvP where the battle would be very chaotic. Also bear in mind that there isn’t any friendly fire. This means that if a friendly player gets between you and your target, you will still hit your target.

Attributes, gear stats and classes was the other major topic. For attributes there is a linear advancement tree based on how many points you spend on that specific attribute. From their limited experience on the game so far, the gear contained only bonuses to the main attributes (health, stamina, magicka) but they speculated that probably gear will offer bonuses to secondary future attributes like speed, attack speed etc. The classes which was able to play at that time was Dragon knight  and Templar, but also there was Warden and Sorcerer on character selection, without the option of selection. They also said, 2 rogue classes are in drawing board at the moment.

Finally, they talked about Factions and Provinces. Every Faction will have their own provinces and you wont be able to get to the enemies provinces for questing. So you are limited to explore your Faction’s provinces.

Overall was very informative podcast. If you want to listen to this podcast follow this link ESOTR Com Spotlight.

  • Developer Question of the Week

The discuss is of this question is on TESO-FB


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