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Defiance: Meet The Dev Team – Matt Mowrer

meet the devs

Trion released another episode-interview from their “Meet The Dev Team” series. This time they introduce Matt Mowrer to the community. Matt Mowrer talked about how complicated is to work in conjunction with a show and a game. He also revealed some personal infos such as what game he currently plays, his hobbies, etc.

In today’s installment of our “Meet the Dev” series, we are talking to Matt Mowrer, a writer on theDefiance team.


Elizabeth Tobey: Hi, Matt – let’s start by telling our fans who you are and what you do.

Matt Mowrer: My name is Matt Mowrer – I’m the writer on the game side. When I arrived they already had the story somewhat mocked out, so I started by developing aspects of the overall storyline. Now I’ve been taking that story and turning it into dialogue that we’ve been recording. I write all the cut scenes, as well as a lot – if not all – of the in-mission dialogue, and then piece it all together to make sure everything makes sense and moves the story forward. I direct recording sessions and work with voice talent to help make sure that what I wrote is being delivered properly. Then I’ll collaborate with cinematics to make sure they understand what I was trying to convey in my scenes, so it will look awesome when they do their cinematic stuff.

Elizabeth: What do you like to write most, either gaming or other projects?

Matt: I am a huge horror fan, so I really enjoy horror movies and writing horror movies and trying to make what is generally a poor genre better. I like to create – I hope I’m creating good characters – and it’s been fun to come in to a project where a lot of work has already been started. All the characters were conceived by the time I got here; I just took them and sort of molded them into something that I could relate to and get into. So it’s been fun to take someone else’s work and develop it further. It’s a great team feeling, like we all made something awesome. The main Defiance character that I’m really into is John Cooper, who’s a super badass. I’m hoping others will feel the same.

Elizabeth: Does working in conjunction with the show make writing the game easier or more complicated?

Matt: That is a good question. I came from the show, actually. I was a creative consultant with Syfy, then this job opened up and offered more creativity. That first job was half creativity and then half sort of managing details like meetings and emails. This is a hundred percent creative, which is great. The difficult part is just the differences about how each team goes about doing things. For instance, there are limitations that Syfy has that we don’t, and there are roadblocks that we have that they don’t. It’s hard to take all those limitations and create something awesome out of them. It’s been going really well. I saw the teaser trailer today from the show and it looks amazing. So I was very, very stoked to see that. I think there are going to be some good connections between the two. I think this is going to be pretty rad for people.

Elizabeth: So other than working on the game, what are you currently playing, in terms of video games?

Matt: I just started Bulletstorm, and that game is ridiculous! It’s amazing how over-the-top the swearing is – which was somewhat unintentional from what I understand – and it just makes it that much better. They have invented word I’ve never thought of. So, that’s what I’m playing now. BioShock is amazing as far as writing goes. The same goes for Red Dead Redemption. The writing in that is great, and the voice acting alone in that is some of the best I’ve heard – so hopefully we can equal that.

Elizabeth: So other than games, what do you do? What are your hobbies?

Matt: I play hockey. I’m a big hockey fan, which is rare for a Californian. Hard to do out here. I also have a motorcycle I like to ride. I have a baby. I don’t know if that’s a hobby, but she’s pretty awesome. I just moved to San Diego, so it’s all fairly new to me. I don’t know what else. Maybe movies? I love movies. Westerns and horror movies are two of my favorites.

Elizabeth: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions and tell the Community a bit about yourself. We can’t wait to see more of what you write for Defiance.


Source: Official Site


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