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TESO: The Weekly Raven – Housing won’t be at Release

The Weekly Raven 2

This week was quite in TESO world and since Zenimax didn’t have any “big” news or announcements, the community shows and articles were focused around information we already know, but in more depth analysis.

  • ESO Cast: Crafting, Realistic First Pesrson, Visuals – Episode 4

This time, Force and Jesse Cox started their show by commenting about the Dwemer race regarding the question of the week in TESO official site. Jesse said that Dwemers are some kind of underground elves and they don’t related to dwarfs. He also pointed out that there is too much lore about this race which will be a great thing to experience through quests and dungeons.

They also talked about Housing and basically commented on TESO’s tweet, in which they state that housing won’t be available at launch, but they might do something about it in the future.

housing tweet

In that regard, Jesse pointed out that there are 2 major options for Zenimax to follow; The Sandbox or The Instanced.

    • The Sandbox refers to Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) strategy of housing, where players build their houses somewhere in the open and thus, cities are growing and developed. The minus to this strategy, according to Jesse, is that eventually players don’t go there often after certain period of time and thus, the cities will become ghosts.
    • The Instanced from the other side is a no-go because its not practical to loading a zone everytime someone wants to visit a house, eventually this option of zoning will set players off.

At this point Force added that the Sandbox option can work if Zenimax centralize the area around variety of activities such as marketplace, workshops, etc.

Next on the line was the crafting system of TESO. This topic referred to the recent equivalent article in  MMORPG by William Murphy. The discussion was about how Zenimax can find new ways to attract players into crafting without force them to grind items through dungeons.

Later on, they discussed some concerns about First Person View (FPV). The issue that the game focuses more into Third Person View (TPV) because of PvP and team gameplay concerns. Force pointed out that if Zenimax wants to keep happy ES fans, they need to develop 2 sets of combat animation; 1 for TPV and 1 for FPV. Jesse also said that, although the game has the option of FPV, its quite far for what players expect based on ES gameplay.

Finaly, they talked about graphics in general. Jesse said that the graphics won’t be photo-realistic, instead will be more artistic so an average machine can play the game smoothly.

TESO Podcast with Jesse n Force

  • MMORPG – ESOC: Crafting a community

William Murphy wrote an article about crafting in TESO last Monday, based on a previous interview with Paul Sage (Creative Director). He makes some suggestions about how the crafting system can be more interesting than the stereotype option of grinding. One of his points is to remove the recipes and make players discover their own. Although we saw this feature in SWTOR which in fact turned many players off because how the RNG system worked, it can be an interesting idea if it could be developed properly. He also suggested that crafting levels could be removed and players will be able to discover what materials they need to make something.

Although new ideas sounds interesting, the catch is how they will work within the game and how the community will receive them. From my perspective, if Zenimax equalizing crafting with PvE and PvP gear then, they have to equalizing the time, the challenge and the interesting part as well. That way crafting could be attractive to players and not fall behind in end – game.

  • Ask Us Anything: Variaty Pack

In this weekly Ask Us Anything, the community’s questions focused around the lore of ES and how specific lore elements are related to TESO. To find out more details, you can check out the article here.

  • Developer Question of the Week

The discussion of this question is on TESO-FB

Have a nice week !


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