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Server updates begin 07:00 a.m. PST – February 12, 2013

New Server: Valley of Titans

  • We’re bringing up a new PvP server called Valley of Titans. Or rather, bringing it back.
    • Transfers are allowed to and from this server, but the rules are slightly different than other servers.
      • The minimum level to transfer will be 20.
      • The maximum gold to transfer will be 50,000.
      • Any server will be able to transfer to this server.
      • All other transfer rules apply.
    • No prime titles will be available on this server.
    • This server will be on the same instance and battleground matching server as Celestial Hills, Mount Tyrannas, and Tempest Reach servers.

Bugs Squashed

  • The village atlas delivered with your elite consumables is now bankable and discardable.
  • A bunch of typos have been fixed across various quests.
  • Quest tracker for “The Angry Forest” no longer points you to a nonexistent area.
  • Mangle skill text has been adjusted to reflect what it really does (cut both attack and movement speed).

Source: Official Site


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