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TESO: The Weekly Raven – 1 Million Likes on Facebook

The Weekly Raven 2

Another quite week was passed for TESO without too much new information coming to the light. We had the weekly developer’s question, some lore history about the High King Emeric and a Zenimax video for thanking its fans for the 1 million likes on Facebook.

  • Developer Question of the Week #11

On this weekly developer’s question, UI Designer Kristy Keaton asks a question about factions that will give your creative side some exercise.

Seperate Line

  • The Stories of Tamriel: Travails and Triumphs of a Monarch

Zenimax released some information about the lore behind the High King Emeric, the leader of Daggerfall Covenant alliance. You can read about his interesting story here.

Seperate Line

  • A YouTube video: Thanks for One Million Likes on Facebook!

Zenimax were so excited about the 1 million likes that they received on their Facebook page, so they released a funny video to thank their fans for their support. Enjoy !


That’s all from this Weekly Raven, we ll be back again next week, hopefully with some interesting news.

Have a nice week and enjoy your gaming time!


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