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TESO: The Weekly Raven – ESO will be @ PAX East

The Weekly Raven 2

In this weekly report for TESO news, we had the confirmation from Zenimax that  TESO will be at PAX East, the routine developer question of the week and also an art glimpse for Aldmeri Dominion Faction with a new wallpaper.

  • Developer Question of the Week #14

On this weekly developer’s question, ESO Worldbuilder Cody Wright asks the community;

What creature will you afraid to encounter in the wild ?

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pax east

  • TESO will be at PAX east.

Zenimax yesterday confirmed that TESO will at PAX East in Boston from Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 24th.

Kicking off this year’s convention season, The Elder Scrolls Online team will be at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit the Bethesda booth at PAX East to chat with members of the Dev Team, play The Elder Scrolls Online, and get your hands on some unique ESO items. Read on for all the must-know details.

From Friday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 24th, we’ll be giving you a chance to playThe Elder Scrolls Online at the Bethesda booth (number 912). Visitors to our booth will also have the opportunity to talk with members of The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Team and pick up some show-exclusive ESO items including a free ouroboros t-shirt and three purchasable alliance t-shirts.

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new wallpaper

  • New Wallpaper: An Aldmeri Dominion Siege on Cyrodiil

Aldmeri Dominion forces attack a keep in Cyrodiil, knowing they must conquer the White-Gold tower for the good of all Tamriel. Their siege weaponry’s destructive power drives the enemy from even steadfast holds.

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That’s all from this Weekly Raven, we ll be back again next week.

Have a nice week and enjoy your gaming time!


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