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TERA: Patch Notes

Server updates begin 07:00 a.m. PST – February 12, 2013 New Server: Valley of Titans We’re bringing up a new PvP server called Valley of Titans. Or rather, bringing it … Continue reading

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TERA: Valkyon Outfitters Is Under Construction

En Masse Entertainment step up to informed the players that their new TERA store which comes with the new F2P version of the game, it won’t be available at launch. You’ll … Continue reading

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TERA: Rising Patch Notes 19.04.02

Everyone is so anxious about TERA’s transformation into a F2P model with the upcoming release TERA: Rising on 5th of February. Here are the patch notes for this exiting package: … Continue reading

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TERA: BAM down S01E02

Bam Down new episode is out ! They talk about the new PvP arena, a new PvE dungeon with some interesting mechanics and of course about the F2P model. Enjoy … Continue reading

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TERA: EU F2P Launched Date Announced !

TERA – EU announced the date of the Free-to-Play launch for Europe. Today we can announce the official release date for the launch of the Free-to-Play model for TERA. The launch … Continue reading

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TERA: Free-to-Play model friendly to Founder Status

With TERA’s F2P model just round the corner, En Masse released some interesting infos about the limitations and bonuses of each player status will have. TERA’s F2P model doesn’t differ from any … Continue reading

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