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Neverwinter: Foundry Spotlight – The Dweomerkeepers, Act I

Neverwinter  introduced a new community – driven column to their official blog called Foundry Spotlight, where they project players’ made content. These exciting missions are recommended if you’re looking for a place … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Beta Weekend #2 – Community Challenge

Perfect World introduced a new community challenge for the upcoming Beta Weekend 2 which starts today, March 8, 2013. Your mission is simple: complete quests as you play through the available … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Beta Weekend #2 Details

Tomorrow, March 8, 2013 – Neverwinter Beta Weekend 2 will be going live and Perfect World revealed some additional info about it. We’re only a few days away from the second Beta Weekend for Neverwinter. … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Neverwinter will be at PAX east !

Perfect World announced yesterday that Neverwinter will be  is returning to PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts on March 22-24, 2013. Where can you find us on the show floor? We will be located at Booth 624 on the … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Beta Weekend #1 – First Impressions

The 1st Beta Weekend is behind us and so much information floating all over the internet about the game in all kind of forms; text and videos. Personally, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: The Devoted Cleric in Neverwinter

Perfect World revealed infos about their newest class; The Devoted Cleric. Your adventure party will be challenged with obstacles and challenges that test their mettle. Your resoluteness and will to fight … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: The Siege of Neverwinter – Part 3

Perfect World released the Part 3 of The Siege of Neverwinter video. Heroes of Nevewinter are taking up against the undead hordes over the city walls. Enjoy ! Source: Official Site

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Neverwinter: Beta Weekend Details Revealed !

Perfect World released informations about the upcoming beta weekends for Neverwinter. It’s the moment adventurers have been waiting for: Neverwinter Beta Weekend details! Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable adventure … Continue reading

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